Increased Access

Trusted Remote Access in an Untrusted World
EdgeGuard is our patented enterprise security solution for proven secure remote access to centralized information resources with protection from unauthorized access, data leaks, and network intrusion. It securely and easily enables information sharing, telework, trusted enclaves in field, and mobile user access.
EdgeGuard converts almost any laptop or desktop computer into a trusted terminal. Nothing that resides on the user’s computer can cross over to the protected “trusted” network and nothing from “trusted” networks can cross over to the user’s computer. EdgeGuard is compatible with most VPNs, VDI environments, and SSL platforms without disruption to your existing infrastructure or operational processes.
EdgeGuard Benefits:
• Prevents unauthorized network access, data leaks, and network intrusions

• True layer 2 isolation for sessions with BorderGuard protected data centers

• Strong encryption and authentication – no reported vulnerabilities!

• Convenient and easy to install and operate

• Compatible with most open architecture computers and access terminals

• No session remnants left on endpoint computers

• Highly portable solutions

• Minimal impact to existing IT infrastructure or operational processes

• Supports most user authentication approaches (CAC/PIV, Secure ID, etc)

• Affordable secure network access solution that can extend utilization of legacy assets
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