Industry Solutions

Secure, Easy and Affordable with Increased Access

With today’s current struggle against malicious malware and unknown cyber threats, no organization or enterprise is safe. From medical records to retail websites there is too much information at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Our customers enjoy unsurpassed cyber security protection anytime, anywhere. We can help you find a comprehensive cyber security solution that will deliver previously unattainable levels of security and operational efficiency, including the following attributes:

  • “Guard” enterprise data centers from unauthorized access, ensuring network trust
  • Extend network trust to offices, remote locations and mobile terminals without modifying existing IT infrastructure
  • Eliminate risks from targeted malware attacks and zero-day malware that signature-based antivirus tools cannot detect – we stop damage from even unknown malware
  • Enable employees and partners to remotely access enterprise resources and applications (e.g., “dirty” internet, social media, etc.) through the “Cloud” without risk of data loss
  • Lower IT operations and support costs by materially mitigating the risks of successful attacks and extending secure utilization of existing IT infrastructure without expensive upgrades or replacements
  • Deliver managed security services allowing customers to focus on what they do best

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