Secure Product Line

EdgeGuard enables true Layer 2 session isolation for secure remote access from deployed endpoints. Deliverable in various form factors to support a wide-range of use requirements, EdgeGuard is compatible with most operating systems and VPN/VDI environments.

AppGuard Enterprise and AppGuard
AppGuard Enterprise and AppGuard prevent targeted malware attacks from causing loss of information or damage to your enterprise or computer. Our protection approach stops zero-day malware attacks by ensuring that even unknown viruses, botnets and similar malicious software cannot execute, allowing time for traditional signature-based products to delete or quarantine the malware. You are protected from unknown malware even if it is on your system.

BorderGuard and BorderGuard RemoteLink (RL)
BorderGuard systems provide proven security protection for data centers, ensuring only authorized access from remote users or endpoints. BorderGuard RL extends this protection architecture to offices, remote sites and mobile environments to create trusted enclaves in the field.

Managed Services
This proven enterprise-wide cyber security solution involves as comprehensive managed services program to help you manage your IT costs in an efficient and affordable way.

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