Active Infrared Sensors

The IIDS technology has been successfully manufactured and distributed globally for over twenty-five years to leading Government Agencies, Military branches, nuclear operations and Public Utilities. Originally developed by EAG-Germany, the IIDS technology was patented in Europe for over twenty-years and has been installed at NATO headquarters in Brussels Belgium, the Mercedes Development Center in Stuttgart Germany, Siemens in Hanau Germany and at Andrews AFB Maryland at Air Force One hanger and ramp space.

Developed as a “restricted sensor line” point-to-point technology, IIDS has become the world’s foremost electronic, early warning and infrared anti-terrorist system worldwide. IIDS technology has been successfully evaluated by the Electronic Systems Center (ESC), Eglin AFB and is approved for use by the U.S. Air Force Command and Joint Forces for use in the TASS (Tactical Automated Security Systems) and IBDSS (Integrated Base Defense Security Systems) programs. In addition, IIDS sensors are used by the Department of Energy and are installed at a number of nuclear sites. The Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Aviation Authority are also regular users of the IIDS technology.

In terms of performance-based technology, none other have better performance credentials than the IIDS system. With a ninety-seven percent (97%) Probability of Detection at a ninety-five percent (95%) Level of Confidence, the IIDS system is a “Will Detect” against any crawl intrusions, running and/or rolling intrusions, and jumping through and/or slow walking intrusions.